Walking Together in Sinodality

Writing this letter to you and greeting you once again fills us with joy. We would like to congratulate those who read this letter for the creativity, boldness, and passion with which you are living this Process, the Piarist Synod of Youth, and after having lived a...

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Challenges of the Pious Schools Synod

[Download PDF]Desafíos del Sínodo a las Escuelas PíasCHALLENGES of the Pious Schools Synod  Challenges du synode aux Écoles PiesSfide del Sinodo alle Scuole Pie   I’ll start by sharing with you a conviction: the Youth’s Piarist Synod has two risks:...

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Welcome words

Palabras de Bienvenida Welcome words Mots de Bienvenue Parole di Benvenuto   Beloved youth and friends: I would like to share with you four words that may help us center these days. They are: To live: we talk and we dream about a different church....

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Queremos seguir caminando juntos, para que la sinodalidad llegue a nuestra cotidianeidad, a nuestro día a día y al alma de nuestros planes y de la vida normal. Queremos seguir caminando... ¿vienes? #Calasanz #PiaristSynod…

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