Challenges of the Pious Schools Synod

[Download PDF]Desafíos del Sínodo a las Escuelas PíasCHALLENGES of the Pious Schools Synod  Challenges du synode aux Écoles PiesSfide del Sinodo alle Scuole Pie   I’ll start by sharing with you a conviction: the Youth’s Piarist Synod has two risks:...

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Welcome words

Palabras de Bienvenida Welcome words Mots de Bienvenue Parole di Benvenuto   Beloved youth and friends: I would like to share with you four words that may help us center these days. They are: To live: we talk and we dream about a different church....

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Expand the space of your tent

ASIAN PIARIST SYNOD ON YOUTH 2018 Responding to the mission on youths and the call of the Holy Father to the Order to speak on behalf of the youths this coming October in the Synod of Bishops, in participation to all Piairst demarcations, the Piairst Fathers Asia had...

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Walk together

Synodal meeting in America. Youth, faith and vocational Discernment The Order of the Pious Schools, whose work consists in the service to children and young people, following the ideals of its founder, Saint Joseph Calasanz, decided to welcome the synodal proposal of...

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God, what do you want me to do?

My name is Rafał Cycoń, I am 28 years old. For the last two years I volunteered to help Polish Piarists in a lot of their activities. I respect and deeply care about their mission. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Joseph Calasanz's birthplace, Peralta de la...

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