Instrumentum Laboris

El Instrumentum Laboris nace de las respuestas al cuestionario del Documento Preparatorio, dado a conocer públicamente en el mes de noviembre de 2013, estructurado en ocho grupos de preguntas relativas al matrimonio y la familia, las cuales han tenido una amplia...

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Join us!

You can send your answer on "what is for you the New Pentecost of the Piarists". Individual answers, or with your Team of the Piarist Youth Synod; from your group of the Calasanz Movement, from your Piarist place... Send an email to Also leave...

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Itinerary demarcational step

We thank you for your openness and willingness to participate in this process of the Piarist Synod of Youth. We hope it brings an opportunity to work as a team, united to the universal Church, to reflect on the youth and their realities, faith and vocational...

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21st Century Christian, letter from Father General

More than 50 years have passed since the great theologian of the 20th century, Karl Rahner, on the occasion of the Council discussions, wrote one of the most prophetic and well-known sentences about faith. We all have heard and repeated it many a time: “the 21st...

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Song of # ContigoMás

The Pious Schools of Betany Province make available to anyone who wants the song with the motto chosen for this course: With You More. The authors of the theme are the professors José Luis Míguez (A Coruña) and Rafael Mira (Malvarrosa). They perform the songs Paloma...

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Call to Piarist Synod of Youth

You all know that Pope Francis has convened a Synod on the FAITH, YOUTH and VOCATIONAL DISCERNMENT. His invitation comes to all Christians, and I think also to all men and women of good will, to all young people who honestly seek to live fully and to contribute to a...

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Convocation of the Piarist Youth Synod. With you +

The last June 4, solemnity of Pentecost, Fr. General opened the Piarist Synod on Youth by sending the official call. Now, with this letter of the Organizing Committee, we present more detailed issues of the Synod so that all the Provinces and Fraternities may begin...

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Please, fill the #Synod2018 SURVEY!! It is a valuable way to contribute. Participa en la Encuesta que ha puesto en marcha la Comisión Organizadora. Es una forma valiosa de contribuir.……/index.php/147718

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