Responding to our mission to the youth and to the call of the Holy Father to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking through young people, the Piairsts in Asia, in parallel with the other Circumscriptions, had conducted the Piarist Synod on Youth and Vocational Discernment last 30-31 of July 2018 at the Calasanz Juniorate House of Studies, in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. The event was attended by four young people of our parish in Novaliches, who represented the Philippines, as well as by our Piarist juniors from different nationalities of the countries where Piarists are present in Asia, such as Indonesia, East-Timor, South-Korea, Vietnam, India (by video conference), and the Philippines.

This two-day convention marked another history in the life of the Order as we reviewed, widened, and contextualized the core of our missionary journey with the youth. It gave us the opportunity to listen to and understand the space and time where our youth are at the moment. The entire meeting was enhanced by inspirational video clips and group dynamic activities which facilitated the answering of the theme related to youth, faith, and vocational discernment. Furthermore, the participants were given the chance to share the realities of their experiences, interactive dialogue and small group brainstorming.

The event was accompanied by the General Assistant for Asia, Fr. József Urbán Sch.P., and coordinated by Fr. Allan Jay Gavino Sch.P. Our special thank goes to the Piarist priests and seminarians of our Juniorate House, and to the four young people from Novaliches who represented the youth, our reason to exist. May this integral collaboration help each and every religious to live out our charism deeply by allowing the youth to speak the Word of God.

Bro. Aldrin Carlo Perez, Sch.P