Hi all. My name is AMASSOKA Deschanel, I am 20 years old, I am a Cameroonian resident in Cameroon. I have committed myself as a Piarist volunteer to work in collaboration with the Piarist schools.

The Piarists schools of the world have set up work sessions that span for one year. These sessions are the so-called Piarist Synod of Youth. Therefore, the Piarist Synod in my country was launched in September 2017 and was closed in late July at the beginning of August 2018 (precisely from July 30 to August 2), during the Continental Meeting of Africa. The meeting I attended was for me a meeting to discover first, enthusiasm, work and living together with the other Piarists of the African continent. It was a good thing to do because I was able to discover, and to share unique and unforgettable experiences with my African brothers as Piarist as me.

The letter sent by the Father General is a letter addressed to everyone in general and young people in particular. This letter gave me a new experience of evangelization of my peers because it stated that young people are disinterested in the faith in Jesus Christ and the Church. They can no longer discern good from evil; what led him to address the young Piarists like mi to encourage us on the path we have borrowed and give us the weapons necessary to help others to follow the path of Christ because according to him:

“The best way to evangelize a young person is to send another one to do it.”

Through this quotation, he believes and hopes that the younger generation will transform the Pious Schools by educating their peers, thus developing them through words and deeds.

This was the theme of this meeting: “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment”. It was around this that our reflections were focused throughout this predefined period. With the different work centers, we can draw as main ideas:

  • The loss and not belief in faith of young people
  • Lack of discernment by young people
  • Indifference to the vocations on some Piarists Fathers
  • The loss of confidence of young people in the Church and in the Pious Schools

Here are a few lines of the main ideas that I was able to draw from this continental meeting. I can say that the work in group was appreciated especially because working with other people like those of the EPAO (Province of West Africa), the good ideas converge all towards the same goal, we were able to discover ourselves and also to observe the same problems. Everyone has their own idea of the things and by putting ideas together, we were able to get something grandiose out of this encounter. This group work has brought me new ideas on how to solve some problems that other people have experienced, through their experience and perhaps use their method, or have mine from their reasoning.

We have worked on an important point that emerged in the theme of the Synod and that we young people, have and live in this less and less: faith. The latter is about to disappear completely because rare are the young people who still have in mind that there is a savior who died for their sins at all: JESUS CHRIST. Therefore, after long reflections and hours of hard work, we found new ways of educating young people in their faith:

  • Spiritual fatherhood which is an asset in the accompaniment of the young person
  • The reception and evangelization of young people in the Church
  • More involvement of young people in the evangelization of their peers
  • the acceptance of the poor in our societies through the sharing of the word, the charity of goods and other
  • openness and offer of facilities to young people by showing them that talent is a necessary tool to create platforms of talented expressions

This Synod helped me to better understand the sufferings of my fellow men especially after the visit to the “Restaurant of Heart“, this small congregation which takes care of the street children and who follows them both in their daily lives and their religious life. It is through this experience that I have been able to touch the suffering of others and devote myself to always helping my neighbor with the help of Highest.

Thank you.

Amassoka Dechanel (Province Central Africa, Cameroon)

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