Beloved youth and friends: I would like to share with you four words that may help us center these days. They are: 

To live: we talk and we dream about a different church. Also new Pious Schools. We are going to try and live that which we believe in. It is good to have ideas, but one must also live them. Sinodality means a new way of doing things: fraternal, praying, profound, welcoming, in authentic communion and listening to everyone. Let us not make this week a week of ideas only; let us live these ideas. This is my main invitation: to live that which we dream. 

To Discern: What does discern mean? It means to listen to what the Holy Spirit says to the assembly. To Discern supposes entering into a deep listening with God. When we were sharing our coat of arms earlier, a young man in my group quoted a phrase of Calasanz as his favorite: “The Holy Spirit is wind that passes and touches, no one knows where it comes from, nor where it goes; it is convenient to be very attentive so that it does not go by without bearing fruit.”

We must be vigilant so that the Spirit does not go by without bearing fruit. Therefore, to discern is not merely to say what I think but listening to the Holy Spirit as he passes through this assembly.

To Propose: we need Piarist youth more positive, more active; Pious Schools who are bolder. If discernment does not end in a proposal, it is not fulfilled. I ask of you this attitude of living, discerning, but also making proposals that will land in your daily life. 

To assume: if everything we talk about here is not done by everyone, if it does not change our way of thinking and acting, if this does not make me different, if I don’t assume what will be shared here, I cannot testify. Testimony has to be listened to only when one lives credibly that which we have discovered. Therefore, I propose to you the verb to assume as a verb of commitment. We are not going to leave this place the same way we came.

I have to ask myself how I pray, how I overcome my fears, how I make decisions, how I bring solutions forward for a better world, how I live my faith… 

I present these verbs as a proposal: may this be the conductor thread this week. Let this way of proceeding help us achieve the goal of our meeting. Everything is not planned out, because if this is a meeting of Calasanz’ children, something different will happen. Let us look at the mission, not ourselves. Calasanz acted looking at the children, the young people, and the poor. So, what will we let happen here?

Thank you very much, and good job