Writing this letter to you and greeting you once again fills us with joy. We would like to congratulate those who read this letter for the creativity, boldness, and passion with which you are living this Process, the Piarist Synod of Youth, and after having lived a moment of grace through the Encounters of the Piarist Assembly and the Calasanz Movement in Oaxaca.

Therefore, that is why today we write to:

  • Those young men and women who have directly participated in the Piarist Synod of Youth, and every young person from our Piarist presences.
  • The General Congregation and the Fraternity’s General Council.
  • The Superiors from all the Demarcations of the Order
  • The different Fraternity’s Demarcational Councils
  • All the Piarists, religious and lay men and women.
  • Demarcational leaders for the Piarist Synod of Youth
  • Demarcational leaders of the Calasanz Movement
  • Demarcational leaders of the Youth Pastoral

The General proposals to the General Chapter and to the Pious Schools as a whole, live up to what has been lived alongside so many young people from all over the world: proposals that are bold, evangelical and Piarist. Since the Piarist Synod of Youth is not an event but a process, now is the time to “Walk together in Synod” and bring to our daily lives what we discovered.

The Youth Delegates told us in their Letter to the Young People and to the Pious Schools:

During this profitable time, we have experienced the Synodality. We have encountered with a Church that really listens to young people, who wants to hear their hopes and concerns. A Church that recognizes that the Holy Spirit is speaking through them. It is this Spirit who invites the young people to actively participate in this mission. In line with this synodal style we would like to walk together, get deep into our livelihood, the youth’s and the Order’s alike, to carry out the work that Christ gives us to carry out, to live the faith and the Piarist charism.

 We want to turn the Synodality experienced throughout this process into a culture and a way of proceeding in the Order to continue building Pious Schools and to continue dreaming together our life and mission. To do this, we offer this Roadmap and some criteria.

  1. “Recognizing Phase”(starting October 2019 through June 2020): We invite you to read and to work on the proposals made to General Chapter and to the Order. This phase’s objectives are as follows:
    • To allow others to know the documentand to boost its reading
    • Working and reflecting on the Document, involving as many people as possible, especially religious, young people, members of the Fraternity, and Calasanz Movement.
    • Discerning which proposals challenge our reality and putting them into practice.

Underneath these objectives there is a strong idea: Sinodality will reach deep into our daily lives, into the soul of our plans and our normal lives. We want a true culture of synodalityin our lives and our mission, with and for young people.

Here we facilitate some powerful questions that would help you in the discernment:

  1. What are we doing now and what can we take care of as a great richness?
  2. What proposals are new and would help us revitalize our lives and our mission?
  3. What demands coincide with those of the youth in our environment, and, do we feel called to respond?
  4. Which proposals do we prioritize according to the reality in which we live in?
  5. What actions should we take to make these proposals a reality?

From the moment in which a Demarcation or presence considers that it “can respond” to the proposals it deems appropriate, we invite you to be bold and bring them to life.

2) Interpreting and Choosing Phase(from June 2020 to December 2020):

In this phase, we invite each Demarcation, each presence and community / group, to make decisions and carry out actions in the areas in which it is competent.

From the Commission of the Piarist Synod of Youth we encourage you to communicate those steps that are being taken. We advise that the Leader of the Demarcation for the Synod, with his team, be aware of the progress made and be the one who reports these advances to the Commission.

We plan to hold virtual meetings by circumscription, or by areas in each circumscription, to share experiences and good practices. We are also assessing the possibility of face-to-face meetings between nearby Demarcations. Later we will start calling for these meetings.

3) Evaluation and Approval Phase(from December 2020 until the end of July 2021 in the 48thGeneral Chapter at Tepoztlán (Mexico).

In this phase, the Commission of the Piarist Synod of Youth and a team of Young Delegates representative of the process, will prepare a report after consulting the Demarcations, gathering significant experiences of how the proposals are being implemented and concretized in the real life of our Order. The General Chapter will present this Report, as well as the Proposals Document, providing an analysis, a prioritization and suggestions.

We end this Communiqué encouraging everyone, young people and adults to get involved. We are all necessary at this time of welcoming and reception. It is time to bring to the day-to-day discoveries of this Kairos (time of Grace, time of God’s presence) that has been the Synod of the Youth. And what an illusion to know that we will carry them out with an even greater spirit of Piarist unity. And what a joy – above all – to know that this synodal path with young people is bringing us closer to listening to the Holy Spirit and Calasanz a little more

General Commission for the Piarist Synod of Youth


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