As the Synod progressed, it became clear that youth ministry needs a vocational slant, and that the pastoral care of vocations should be offered to all young people.  It was emphasized that complete pastoral programs should range from infancy to adulthood, to help the young find their place in the Christian community” (FD 16).

This affirmation of the final document of the Synod Youth, faith and vocational discernment echoes in those responsible for the Calasanz Movement in our Province of Mexico. We are questioned by different issues that are manifested there:

  • To qualify vocationally the youth ministry,
  • To focus our action decisively on young people as recipients of vocation ministry,
  • To develop complete pastoral processes, leading to the Christian community.

These are themes that coincide perfectly with the Calasanz Movement project that the Order is promoting, which represent a very important challenge in the qualification of our provincial mission, for which we are working.

A significant step in this effort has been the birth of the DISCER group on Saturday, August 29.

As part of the Calasanz Movement in Mexico, the Samuel Group is made up of young university students, alumni of Piarist schools.

The new group, which was conceived from SAMUEL is also made up of young university graduates who are beginning a stage of definitive choices in their lives. Thus, we are growing in the accompaniment of complete pastoral processes with an outlet. On the horizon of DISCER, there is the creation of communities of the Fraternity, constituted by people recently integrated into the workplace at the moment of deciding the definitive way to live their Christian vocation.

The pastoral of processes bring us gifts such as the fact that DISCER was born from the SAMUEL group, but at the same time, SAMUEL is the older sibling who helps and accompanies him.

We now have a new and great challenge that we take on with great enthusiasm and confidence, knowing that we have to grow in the quality of our accompaniment, in the Piarist identity, in formation, in social commitment, in the depth of life … all this from a strong experience of relationship with Jesus from our Calasanctian Charism and from the channels that open from the Piarist Synod of Young People.

Emmanuel Suárez, Sch. P.